Why you should replace glycol


Purpose of glycol fluid:

  • To facilitate the circulation and provide a pleasant and balanced heating system.
  • Anti-freezing.
  • Corrosion protection – inhibitors form a protective coat inside the system.
  • Prevents bacterial growth.

The properties of glycol fluid deteriorate over time and therefore the fluid should be replaced every other year. If you use Alde Premium Glycol G13, the replacement interval can be extended to every 5 years under normal operating conditions.


Which glycol should I choose?

  • Choose a high-grade ethylene glycol, for aluminium engines which contain inhibitors, read the specification.
  • The glycol fluid should consist of 50% concentrated glycol and 50% distilled water, or water free from salts. 
  • We recommend Alde Premium Glycol G13, as it is customised for Alde Heating systems. 


When you have replaced glycol fluid, you know that your system contains the right mix of glycol and water.

That the risk of frost and corrosion damage and bacterial growth has been minimised.

Equip your Alde Heating system with the best conditions for stable and pleasant heating.


 Pafyllning Glykol