Compact 3020

Boiler Alde Compact 3020 HE

Alde Compact 3020 HE is the heart of the heating system. It produces heat for heating and domestic hot water. It is powered by LPG and electricity.



Hot Water

The Alde Compact 3020 HE boiler has a built-in heater that ensures that you always have hot water in the shower and kitchenette. The water heater gives about 15 litres of ready-mixed hot water.

Alde Flow is a new feature that gives you continuous hot water, as long as you want. The separate water tank, which is connected to the heating system, preheats the fresh water before it enters the boiler’s ordinary hot water tank.



Control Panel with touch screen

All settings for the heating system are made on the control panel via the user-friendly menus on the touch screen. All key functions are available directly from the home page. Just like modern smart phones, the menu system is intuitive and easy to navigate.

The control panel can also be used to control an A/C unit, to provide full climate control in the vehicle.



Convectors and Panel Radiators

The convectors are placed along the outer walls where they produce heat and enclose the environment with a protective thermal barrier that prevents draughts.

Panel radiators can be supplied to fit spaces where it’s difficult to fit normal convectors. e.g. in WCs.



Heat Booster with fan

The heat booster is used for fast and directed heating in e.g. wardrobes to dry wet clothes and shoes. Available in several variants. The most powerful model is a compact heating unit consisting of an efficient heating coil with fan.



Underfloor Heating

We warmly recommend our underfloor heating to give a complete heating system with maximum comfort. It consists of pipe coils in the floor that are connected to the ordinary heating system. 



Heated Towel Rail

This practical towel rail offers high heat output. It gives you lovely, warm towels and extra heating in the toilet space.



For Motorhome



Driver Comfort

There are specially adapted convectors that are connected to Alde’s heating system to give improved comfort in and around the driver and passenger seats. Other options include heating booster or fan convectors.



Heating Mat

You and your passengers can enjoy warmth and comfort while you travel. The floor in the driver’s cab is often a cold spot in winter. The Alde Heating Mat prevents the cold penetrating into your vehicle and makes your floor warm and pleasant. 



Engine Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger allows the vehicle’s engine cooling system to be used for heating and the production of hot water. The heat can also be run in reverse and then acts as an engine heater.