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Alde Smart Control for caravans and motorhomes
A new app that remotely controls the camper's heating

Connect a GSM-compatible device to the Alde heating system and now it can be controlled remotely by Alde’s new smartphone app. Using Alde Smart Control, the heating can be switched on-off, electric and gas heating, and desired temperature can also be set. 

Alde Smart Control makes life easier for the owners of motorhomes or caravans with the Alde heating system. This newly developed smartphone app is SMS-based, and even allows the user to receive status updates from the GSM-compatible device, from anywhere in
the world with mobile phone reception.

The app is easily installed and setup on a smartphone, and is just as easy to use. GSM-compatible devices connect to the Alde system through one, plug-in adaptor lead.

“Alde Smart Control liberates you by allowing you to operate your heating while you’re out and about, enjoying your holiday. When you get back to your vehicle, it can be nice and warm already, with a hot shower waiting.” –Leigh Marsden, Development Director at Alde International Ltd.

Alde manufactures heating systems for motorhomes and caravans. The man behind Alde is the Swedish inventor and entrepreneur, Alde Rask. Back in the late-1940s, he and his family felt the lack of warmth in their new caravan. In the 1960s Alde launched the first boiler for recreational vehicles and its effectiveness quickly attracted attention. Today, the company's head office and factory are still located in Färlöv, Sweden, and Alde is the world leader in its field with strong presence in many markets.

Alde Smart Control works on later Alde 3010 boilers and all 3020 boilers.
Alde Smart Control is free and can be downloaded for IOS and Android from app stores this April.

For queries and further information, please contact:
Leigh Marsden, Development Director Alde International Ltd, + 44 1933 677765, leighm@alde.co.uk
Håkan Streimer, Sales & Marketing Manager Alde, +46 4471270, hakan.streimer@alde.se

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